Thursday, May 26, 2011

Strong American Dollar

The story
Let me make a statement. The American dollar is the strongest in the world. It is true regardless of whatever economists and financial specialists say. I am going to prove it right now. All I need is a dollar bill and any other bill of any currency. We may use any bills if you don’t have foreign currency. The magician gets from the audience two bills: a dollar and ten—dollar. What is stronger – the dollar or the ten? You may think the ten—dollar is stronger. OK. Let’s see it. I put the dollar on the table. The ten—dollar goes on top of the dollar. The magician put the dollar on a table. Then he places ten—dollar across on top of the dollar. You can clearly see ten—dollar on top of the dollar. Now let the money do some wrestling. That’s what usually happens when someone tries to find who is the strongest. The magician rolls both bills. Please hold the corner of ten—dollar with a finger, so I would be not able to move the bill anywhere. Remember, the ten—dollar suppose to stay on a top of the dollar if the dollar is really so weak. The audience holds the corner of the ten—dollar. Now I’m going to unroll them back. The magician unrolls both bills. And what do we see? The dollar bill magically comes on top of the ten—dollar. I told you that the dollar is the strongest among all! 

The secret
Materials: a dollar bill and any other bill.
This magic trick doesn’t require any special skills on your part. All you need is two different bills. Put both bills on the table. The picture of the president is up (Pic 1).

Place the ten—dollar on top across of the dollar bill. Important: the corner of the ten—dollar should be placed about a half of inch from the corner of the dollar bill (Pic 2).

Stress your audience attention on the fact that the ten—dollar is on top of the dollar bill. Now you are going to roll both bills together. Here is the secret. You have to over roll the dollar bill. That’s it. Roll the dollar bill over the ten—dollar. This move is hiding under your left hand from audience view. I will show it only for purpose of this instruction. However during the performance you roll the dollar bill under the cover of your left hand and keep only the ten-dollar visible at all the times to your audience. Press both bills down with your both hands (Pic 3).

Pick up the corner of the dollar bill and grab the corner of the ten—dollar bill (Pic 4).

Roll both bills away from you (Pic 5 through 7).

When the entire dollar bill is rolled in a tube and the corner of the ten—dollar is still protruding ask the audience to hold the corner of the ten—dollar (Pic 8 through 10).

Over roll the dollar bill (Pic 11 through 13). Remember, this move should be hiding from your audience under the cover of your left hand!

Roll the bills until the visible corners of both bills get about the same size (Pic 14).

Now you can show the dollar bill side of the roll (the tube) to your audience. You want to hold the bills just with one finger. Now you have to simply unroll the bills (Pic 15 through 18). The dollar bill is on top of the ten—dollar. Congratulations, you have made the magic and proven that the dollar is the strongest. This trick can be repeated successfully many times to the same audience. Remember to keep the secret of your magic. It’s the only guarantee of your success. Have fun and happy twisting :)

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