Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Questions for Fun

QUESTION: What is the longest English word that you know? Here is a hint: everyone knows this word. And believe me, you know and use this word very often. Let your audience exercise their knowledge of English for while. Get a piece of paper or napkin meantime and secretly write a word SMILES on it. People may come up with very long English words. Praise them for it however do not accept their answers until someone said the word SMILES. It is the correct answer! Because there is whole MILE in this word between two s! Underline it SMILES! This answer revokes a lot of smiles.

QUESTION: Are your good in math? Can you add or subtract numbers, like 2+2 and so on? Good! I am going to give you just ten seconds to answer one simple math question. I will accept only one answer. And there is a prize for the winner! Anyone of you can easily get an original portrait of president George Washington (as a magician you should have it—I mean you should have at least a dollar bill with the portrait of the President, don’t you?) just for doing the simple math (I like to give a one dollar bill as a prize with my business card along, but you can give away anything you like). So, get ready! Question! Say slowly and clearly the following question. How many seconds are in one common 365 days year? Time is on! Count ten seconds loudly and with a big smile. One, two … nine, ten—time is over! Normally I got no answers at this point. Well, here is the right answer 12 (twelve) seconds. Make a pause. Usually people express unbelief at this point. OK. Let count together: January second; February second; March second … and so on. Twelve months—twelve seconds. I told you it is a very simple math. I guess I have to keep my dollar. There is always a chance that you may meet some very educated person who knows the correct answer or two. It does not mean that you will loose your dollar, though it is not a big deal anyway. I normally disqualify any correct answer at first. Because (you may have guessed) there are more than one correct answer. Google it. One year = 365 days and almost 6 hours that’s total: 31,556,926 seconds—scientifically proved. In this case I ask the audience to help me to decide what answer I should accept as a correct (I do it only if I bring up the second answer) and give the price anyway to the smart person. 

QUESTION: Are you good in math? Can you add or subtract numbers, like 2+2 and so on? Good! Here is the question. How many fingers does a person normally have on both hands? We all know the correct answer is …8, 10 or 11. The correct answer depends on the ways you count them. The correct answer is:
According to the English language there are total of 8 (eight) fingers. In the English language, all fingers called by their names plus word finger. Except the thumb.

According to common sense there are total of 10 fingers on both hands.

According to the math there are total of 11 fingers on both hands. Please count all fingers on your left hand only. Let’s do it together: one; two… five. OK. I see that you are really good in math. You can count up to five! I am sure you can count up to ten as well. Let’s count all fingers on your right hand starting from ten in reverse order. Can you count from ten in reverse order? Let’s do it together: ten; nine; eight; seven; six. Good! Now lets to the math. The last numbers you said were six on the right and five on the left. Add them together and we get total 11 (eleven) fingers on both hands (that's a silly math)!
Have fun and happy twisting :)

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