Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Last Trick

The story
A good magician always has a trick to show. It’s not like you show a trick or two and then say “that’s it—I don’t have any more tricks for you. Bye—bye”. This ending spoils your entire performance! You have to finish your routine in some funny, remarkable way. It is probably the hardest and the most important part of your magic show. Your entire show, your present, your future and your magic depends on it. You have to make a strong everlasting magic impression. So, how do you do it? There is no ready answer for you. You have to work on it on your own.
How do you handle an interrupter? Say you perform your magic routine and one of spectators keeps asking you to reveal a secret of a magic trick. Well, it could be very annoying. Revealing the secret is out of questions. You should avoid it. And there are many different ways could do it. I love to teach this guy the first magic trick. Ask the annoying person only if he/she wants to learn the twenty dollars trick. Sure things, you’ll get the positive answer. Now tell him/her that you need twenty dollars. Fold his/her money nicely and put them in your pocket. Tell him/her to bring another twenty dollars tomorrow and you will show him/her another 20 bucks trick. That’s it. You never trust anyone with your money. Once you do, the trick is done —your money is gone! 

The Story
The audience loves you. They want you to stay and perform more and more. For this crowd you could perform the last magic trick. Announce loudly the last magic trick! Explain to your audience that you are going to perform the last and the most dangerous trick. You are going to disappear! You need a couple of assistants. Give the assistants cards (your business card will do the best) with instructions how and where they can find you if … well, if you succeed and disappear. Ask to reveal this information only if you succeed. Now, get all you belongings and ask your audience to count to ten. And walk out fast! By the exit you may say “Watch me disappearing!” and run, run. 

Have fun and happy twisting :)

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