Saturday, May 21, 2011

Five or Six Points Star

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This is not a magic trick, but a fun thing to do. Ask your audience if anyone knows how to make 5 points star using just one rubber band and then turn it in 6 points star. Odds are that nobody knows. Then you can make the stars and even teach your audience to make stars. 
The secret 
Materials: a rubber band 
Stretch the rubber band in shape of triangle on your left thumb, the middle finger and the pinky (Pic 1).

Insert your right fingers from the below in to the loop of the rubber band. Both palms are facing you (Pic 2).

Twist the rubber band by turning your right hand counterclockwise. The right hand is palm—down and the left palm is facing you (Pic 3). You have made a loop around your right fingers.

Bring your right hand palm-up to face you (Pic 4).

Put your left index and ring finger in to the loop of rubber band on your right hand (Pic 5).

Move the right hand out of the loop and off the rubber band (Pic 6).

Adjust the rubber band to form the star (Pic 7). You have made the five points star.

You can turn this star in to the six points star. Simply stretch the side of the rubber band that goes between your left thumb and the ring finger with your right index finger (Pic 8 and 9). Congratulations, you have made the six points star. Have fun and happy twisting :)

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