Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hand Penetration

The story
What do you think may happen if a magician tangles the rubber band around his hand and fingers? I suppose some magic should happen. Please take a look on the rubber band. It’s a normal rubber band. The magician lets the audience to examine the rubber band. I loop the rubber band around my hand and over my fingers. The magician loops the rubber band around his fingers and over the palm. Please pull the rubber band or just touch it with your finger. The rubber band jumps off the magician hands when someone just touched it. Whoa! The rubber band simply went through my hand as you can see it! 
The secret
Materials: a rubber band that can fit on your hand.
The secret of this trick is in the way the magician tangles the rubber band around his palm and fingers. Hang the rubber band over four fingers of your left hand, the palm facing you (Pic 1).

Grab the rubber band on the back side of you left hand and stretch it with your right hand, both palms facing you (Pic 2). Split fingers of your left hand wide apart.

Bring your right hand stretching the rubber band over the left hand. The right hand palm is away from you. Make sure that one string of the rubber band goes between your index and the middle finger and the other string goes between the pinky and the ring finger. It will make two loops: one loop around your left pinky finger and another loop around the index finger (Pic 3).

Bring the rubber band between the thumb and the index finger of your left hand (Pic 4). Your right hand palm is away from you.

Bring the rubber band over your left thumb. It will make two loops over your left thumb (Pic 5). Your right hand palm is facing you.

Turn your right hand counterclockwise palm down (Pic 6). There is a loop around your right hand.

Put your left pinky in to the loop on your right hand (Pic 7).

Turn your right hand clockwise palm up facing you. You have made two loops around your left pinky (Pic 8). You still have a loop around your right hand.

Bring the rubber band in you right hand cross your left palm and put your left hand index finger in to the loop around your right hand (Pic 9).

Release the rubber band from you right hand (Pic 10). There are two loops around your left index finger.

Hold both loops around your left thumb with your right hand (Pic 11).

Take both loops off your left thumb in your right hand and stretch them between your left hand middle finger and the ring finger (Pic 12 through 13).

Close together fingers of your left hand (Pic 14).

Hold your left hand fingers tightly closed. You can release your right hand. The rubber band seems to be tangled around fingers of your left hand (Pic 15 and 16).

If you previously stretch the rubber band tight enough then it will jump off you hand as soon as you split fingers of your left hand apart. Otherwise you have to simply pull with your right hand the longest loop that goes across your left palm (Pic 17 and 18).

Pull this loop and split fingers of your left hand at the same time. The rubber band easily slides off your left hand (Pic 19). This trick can be repeated successfully many times to the same audience. Remember to keep the secret of your magic. It’s the only guarantee of your success. Have fun and happy twisting :)

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