Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sticky Hands

The story
I’m going to show to you something strange—a pencil. You may think that it’s a normal pencil without any secret in it. And you are right! Magician shows the pencil to the audience and then takes it in his empty hand. I squeeze the pencil very hard in my hand—as hard as I can. Now I will slowly release the pencil. One, two, three, four, five! And here is the strange part (magician stretches all his fingers one by one) …the pencil sticks to my hand! The audience sees that the pencil sticks to the magician’s hand. Magician returns the pencil back to the audience. 

The secret
Materials: a pencil or any stick that is longer then your palm.
This trick doesn’t require any special skills on your part. There is only one request. You have to choose the right body position for the performance. Your audience should stand only in front of you! Make sure there is no audience or any mirrors behind or on right or left side of you! You start by showing your both empty hands to the audience (Pic 1 and 2).

Get a pencil (Pic 3).

The best pencil is provided by your audience. It builds the trust. You stand in front of your audience. Suppose you hold the pencil in your right hand. The palm is facing you on your chest level (Pic 4).

The audience can see both ends of the pencil stick out of your hand (Pic 5).

Stretch your right hand with the pencil (palm away from the audience) to your left side. Turn your entire body to the left. Grab your right wrist with your left hand thumb on a top and pinky, ring and middle fingers on a bottom of the right wrist. Here’s the secret you don’t want your audience to know about. Stretch your left hand index finger to the pencil (Pic 6 and 7).

Tell the audience that you are going to squeeze your hands as hard as your can. Squeeze your hands (Pic 8 and 9).

Tell your audience that now you are going to slowly release the pencil. Stretch the right pinky finger (Pic 10).

Stretch the right ring finger (Pic 11).

Stretch the right middle finger (Pic 12).

Stretch the right index finger (Pic 13 and 14). Shake your right fingers slightly. Everybody who stands in front of you sees that the pencil apparently sticks to your right palm! Squeeze your right hand around the pencil. Move your left hand away from your right hand. Return the pencil to your audience and let them try to do this trick. You can fool almost any child with this trick. And it really amuses me that four out of five adults can be fooled as well! The trick bears repetition to the same audience. Remember to keep the secret of your magic. It’s the only guarantee of your success. Have fun and happy twisting :)

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