Introduction to Easy Magic Tricks

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Back in 2008 we published set of easy magic tricks instructions as a bonus part for e-book "Balloon-O-Therapy". I believe that balloon twisting and magic are part of the same trade. So, I think it is just the right thing to post all easy magic tricks instructions on the same blog with balloon twisting instructions.
Below is an introduction to easy magic tricks.
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Magic is: 
The art of producing illusions, as by sleight of hand. 
The practice of using various techniques, as incantation, to exert control over the supernatural or the forces of nature. 
A result of such practice. 
Power or influence exerted through this practice. 
Any extraordinary influence or power: the magic of fame. 

Illusion is: 
Something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality. 
The state or condition of being deceived; misapprehension. 
For instance of being deceived. 
A perception, as of visual stimuli (optical illusion) that represents what is perceived in a way different from the way it is in reality. 

Magician, balloon twisters, face painters and all other artists (entertainers) have one common:
The Audience.
I have to admit that I am not a real magician. I am a balloon twister. The magic is just a part of my work. Don’t be surprised. Balloon twisting and magic come along very closely and serve the same purpose—entertaining. I like to have fun and it’s always pleasant to impress the most demanding and naive audience of all times (I mean kids) with trick or two. The audience perceive all entertainers as magicians.  In this work we (I mean my children and me) present my favorite close-up magic tricks. Close-up tricks performed with objects you can find in your household. This tricks best to perform in one-to-one or in front of small group of people. Of cause, there are many more amusing tricks exist that work better for big audience. You may need strong knowledge of science and engineering, special equipment and big stage to perform them. We don’t cover those tricks in this work. I like to do magic tricks with things that I can find in my pocket on the go and without assistance. This sort of magic tricks works the best for my balloon twisting specialty. Let me assure you: learning and mastering close-up or street magic tricks is highly regarding for entertainers of any level. You will enjoy the knowledge we give you and we hope you will use it wisely to entertain.

1. Believe in what you do and the rest of the world will enjoy your magic. You, the performer and illusionist, make people believe in magic! 
2. Practice, exercise and rehearse each trick. Do it in front of a mirror and different places until you see no flaws in your performance. Only then you may perform this magic trick for audience. You will know that you have mastered the magic trick if your trusty asks you, “How do you do it?” No one should be able to find a clue in your performance on how this trick is done. 
3. Keep the secret of your magic. You use your skills to entertain. Revealing the secret is not entertaining. A person will lose interest in you and your magic tricks as soon as you give away the secret of your magic. Revealing the secret does not make anyone happy. The answer for the question “How do you do it?” is: “BY MAGIC! Let me show you something else”. Keep performing different magic tricks and soon your audience will stop asking this silly question. A well-mannered magician learns from your performance and would never interrupt you. However your audience attempts to reveal your secrets. Curiosity and competition are parts of our human nature. People know secrets and your performance tempts them to reveal secrets to embarrass you for sake of nothing or just to show-up. There is no sure way to prevent it. But you can play along. Let the interrupter perform (announce the person as your assistant who will perform magic while you are on 5 minute brake). Make it as if it was part of your magic show. 
4. Sharing knowledge among professionals is common practice in all trades. You may want to learn new tricks from other magicians. So, be ready to offer some of your secrets in return. 

Each chapter consists of: 
A video clip. I provide links to video instructions in different format below the first picture with sign "Click on the picture to play the video". The video clip consists of two major parts. First, the magician performs the magic the normal way in front of video camera. Then the magician reveals the secret and gives all relative explanations on how to perform this magic trick. 

The story. It is a description of the magic trick performance. The reader will find in this part of the trick what the magician says (in bold text), does (in plain text) and shows (in photos) during the performance of the magic. 
A list and a photo of materials used in this magic. 
The secret. That is where the secret of this magic trick is revealed with all explanations and photos.