Thursday, May 26, 2011

President Smiles

The story
Do you know the name of the president which is on one—dollar bill? Yes, you are right, Jorge Washington. And why do you think his portrait is on your dollar? (Regardless of the answer, if you got any at all) Well, I suppose you are right. Indeed, the president has a lot of work to do and one of his most important jobs is to see how you spend your money! If you spend your money in a good way, say for paying the taxes. It certainly will make the president happy. At this moment you tilt the bill backward. Let the person look at the president face and see that the president is smiling! After a few seconds you may proceed with the story. But if you spend your money on an illegal drug or weapon! It would not make anyone happy. The president will be very sad. At this moment you tilt the bill forward. Let the person look at the president face and see that the president is frowning!
The secret
Materials: one—dollar bill or any dollar bill.
This is not a magic trick, but it’s one of my favorite optical illusions. It can be repeated many times and requires no special performance skills on your part. All you need is a portrait of man that is commonly available on any dollar bill. It’s a very simple and effective illusion that works better if you tell some appropriate story during the performance. All necessary preparations can be done in advance or right in front of your audience while you are telling the story. Just don’t stress your audience attention on the preparations that you’re making.
The dollar bill has a long and short side (Pic 1).

Please take a closer look at the face of the president. The president has a neutral countenance. In order to change his face expression you will need to make three creases on the bill. Make the first crease. Fold the bill a cross the long side through the president eye and the corner of his mouth (Pic 2).

Unfold the bill (Pic 3).

Make the second crease. Fold the bill a cross the long side through the other eye and the other corner of his mouth (Pic 4).

Unfold the bill. You have made two creases across the president face (Pic 5 and 6).

Make the third crease in opposite direction between the first two folds (Pic 7).

Unfold the bill (Pic 8 and 9).

You have made all the necessary preparations and ready to show the optical illusion. Hold the bill in front of your audience at a face level and simply tilt the bill backward to make the president smile (Pic 10) or tilt the bill forward to make the president frown (Pic 11). Congratulations, now you can manipulate the presidents’ mood! Remember to keep the secret of your magic. It’s only guaranty of your success. Have fun and happy twisting :)

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