Saturday, September 17, 2011

Copyrights ? It bugs me.

Creative Commons License
I believe the purpose of copyrights is to protect authors rights.
And I assume it does so.
I believe that Bible is the most favorite, popular book to ever been published, sold and been read. I suppose that every soul is aware of who the Author of the Bible is (and the entire universe for the matter). It has been around our civilization for about a couple thousands years. The authorships of this sacred book has been established well before the word “copyrights” came to our lexicon.
Open Bible. Open Torah. Open Koran. Open any and all modern edition of sacred books to find the copyrights note. It says names of publishers as THE copyrights holders. Indeed. Each edition has different copyrights holder.
The publishers (labels) have the rights to restrict (or permit) me from copying, giving away, selling, distributing the content of Bible in any forms. I would not care less about that, but I am suppose to be a law obeying citizen. Violation of copyrights is a crime and subject of FBI investigation. Be aware!...

Don't get me wrong. I don't question anyone rights ;)
God is. And publishers (labels) are too. Well, for the time being.

Many thanks to Fehmee Bthwaite for editing this text.
Have fun and happy twisting :)