Saturday, April 21, 2012


In my understanding donation is the same as sharing.
Sharing is what the FewDoIt project is about.
I use the FewDoIt project to teach my kids to share.
Asking for your donations would not serve the idea of sharing my knowledge with you.
Get it right.
And then, if you want to help me with your hard earned money, PayPal your donations to my email:
Also, I would really appreciate if you provide some notes of how you want me to use your money. For example: for pizza, or for ice cream cake, or to take my family on two weeks vacation :)
Without your instructions I may use your money to pay for:
pay $40 monthly for internet access;
pay about $200 annually for balloons to provide free balloons at workshops and to make instructions;
pay annually for the domain name;
buy/upgrade equipment (computer, video/photo camera, and etc)

I stopped my work as a balloon twister on streets, parades, birthday parties, selling instructional video DVDs and the commercial copy of e-book "Balloon-O-Therapy". All profit I used to support the FewDoIt project. Many thanks to all my customers for all your support. Your help was and is crucial for the FewDoIt project.
Starting from December 2011, my job (as a nursing assistant) is the only source of income for the FewDoIt project and my family of five.

Thank You

Two words.
In black and white.
So simple. Such used and beaten words.
Yet, sometimes it's the only thing we can give.
And at times it's the only thing we expect and need.
So much said with just two words, coming from one heart to another.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Free Balloon Twisting Workshop in NY on April 13th

Weather alert for April 12th: RAIN!
Let's do the workshop on Friday Thirteenth :))
We are going to meet for a free outdoor balloon twisting workshop in the Mall of Central park, NY. Hours 2 pm to 4:30 pm (only if the weather is OK). Have fun and happy twisting :)

After workshop update: 
35 attendants sign in. We blow away about 3 bags of balloon with help of more than 100 people.
Many thanks to everyone who participated in this workshop.
Here are pictures from this workshop: