Thursday, December 19, 2013

animales del globo

I put together a web page in Spanish with links to all balloon twisting instructions in English. The main purpose of this work is to give Spanish speaking users easier way to navigate through instructions. I don't speak Spanish, that is why I use google translate to give names to all instructions in Spanish. There are probably a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. I hardly can fixed it at this moment. Nevertheless I hope this little work may help you. 
Have fun and happy twisting :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Views vs Money

Defining Views as Money

❤ Number of Views or Uses ❤
❤ Usefulness ❤
❤ Happiness ❤
❤ The Meaning or Purpose of Life 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Update October 2013. Subtitles for all videos.

Here is the link to video update on YouTube:

English Captions to all previously published video instructions from fewdoit available on YouTube! Ta-da!! This work took a lot of energy and months of time. It could never be done without the help of use their amazing software to create all subtitles. And my hearty thanks to all contributors! Every bit of your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you all. The importance of making captions is...well, it is way beyond helping some people with disabilities. Put simply, sooner or later everyone use subtitles, including you! this video to estimate how old your ears are.
There is ongoing work on creating Russian subtitles. It will take much longer to translate and get it published. Sometime within the next couple of years, hopefully, it will be ready. Creating subtitles in other languages is up to you!
Also, as a part of this update, I renamed many videos and removed lower quality duplicates from YouTube. Unfortunately, those videos were some of the first that I published. I have no ways of preserving comments to those videos.
Have fun and happy twisting :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Update July 2013, Russian Translations

Many many thanks to my best friend, beautiful woman, mother of my kids, and my lovely wife Victoria Langerman for making Russian translations of balloon twisting instructions. It took enormous amounts of her energy to translate 250 instructions in such short time (6 months). 

You can find all instructions in Russian at dedicated blog: 
Also, you can find a link to Russian translation at the beginning of each instruction in English (and vice versa). 
And all links to Russian translated instructions available at 

Please note, I am going to make Russian captions for all video instructions on YouTube only after I finish work with English captions. Most likely it may happen in 2014. Though you may and are very welcome to help make captions for video instructions in any language :) Just follow the link to in description to YouTube videos.

Have fun and happy twisting :)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Update July 4

Stand for your Freedom!
You can click on the banner above or follow the link below.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Update for May 2013

I placed google advertisement instead of donation button on all my blogs and website.
This way I ended my short term experiment with donation buttons that yelled kinda obvious results.
Have to admit that in past I had some negative experience with advertisements on my website. But, it seems working better this time.
I honestly think that ads do not turn visitors away from my publications or affect anyhow greatly users experience. And there is ways to block all ads with extensions.
Have fun and happy twisting :)

Friday, February 22, 2013


I am moving all balloon twisting instructions to a new blog!

Here is the address and link to my new blog:
I am planning many updates to all previously published instructions.
Hopefully, moving to a new blog would make it easier for me and over all it should serve you better as well.
I am going to delete balloon twisting instructions from after I  move all instructions to a new blog.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Update: Subtitles for videos.

 Many thanks to the
for the great service.

Now we can write subtitles to all YouTube videos in different languages!
Check it out! I just did subtitles in English forLily of the Valley Balloon Twistingvideo.
I can and will do all my videos in English first and then in Russian.

Help organizations and deaf and hard of hearing viewers make videos accessible around the world.
Your help needed!!PLEASE write or translate subtitles in different languages.
Here is link to videos on my YouTube channel

Many thanks in advance.
Have fun and happy twisting :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Flip a Coin

Click on the picture to flip a coin.
The default coin has 2 sides (head and tail).
You can change the coin!
Any number greater than 2 makes the coin with three sides: head, tail, and rim.
The rim has only one chance out of the given number you put in the box "Odds".

Side of the coin Totals:
All sides
Odds. Change the number and click the picture. 1 out of
So far you spent on this page.
for you

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Achievement in 2012


In additional to publishing on, all balloon twisting and magic tricks video instructions were published in DVD quality on

Added new instructions making total of 235 balloon instructions and 20 magic tricks instructions. All instructions available  under Public Domain Dedication Licence (author reserved no rights).

Started learning coding.

So far you spent on this page.
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