Welcome to the FewDoIt project.
Tomorrow begins today. Make dreams come true, today.

Our website www.fewdoit.com is online from January 2008.
I moved the website to: https://sites.google.com/site/fewdoit in 2011.

All balloon twisting instructions starting from February 2013 are posted on different blog http://balloonotherapy.blogspot.com/

The FewDoIt project is founded to help people learn the balloon twisting art and to use this art in daily life for all kind deeds.

Any person can participate in the FewDoIt project. It’s truly free. Our beautiful world is free and we mean to keep it this way. Who is behind this project? A family of five: Michael, Victoria, Anastasia, Danny and Eric Langerman. This is a family project and so are our motivations. The name of the project FewDoIt originated from three words: Few (the name of our cat), Do and It. We create and provide balloon twisting instructions in different forms and formats such as: videos, pictures, free balloon twisting workshops and etc. Originally all instructions were published as e-book "Balloon-O-Therapy" in PDF format. I created this blog in 2011 and moved away from PDF as a form of e-book publishing.

Our funds are limited and come mostly out from our pockets. We never ask for donations.(I have placed donation buttons on website and my blogs in February 2013).

I am going to post only updates related to FewDoIt project on this blog.

There are different ways you can look up for instructions on this blog.
For your convenience I posted pictures-links to all instructions on one page (click here)
I also posted just text-links to all instructions on one page (click here)

Have fun and happy twisting :)