Thursday, October 3, 2013

Update October 2013. Subtitles for all videos.

Here is the link to video update on YouTube:

English Captions to all previously published video instructions from fewdoit available on YouTube! Ta-da!! This work took a lot of energy and months of time. It could never be done without the help of use their amazing software to create all subtitles. And my hearty thanks to all contributors! Every bit of your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you all. The importance of making captions is...well, it is way beyond helping some people with disabilities. Put simply, sooner or later everyone use subtitles, including you! this video to estimate how old your ears are.
There is ongoing work on creating Russian subtitles. It will take much longer to translate and get it published. Sometime within the next couple of years, hopefully, it will be ready. Creating subtitles in other languages is up to you!
Also, as a part of this update, I renamed many videos and removed lower quality duplicates from YouTube. Unfortunately, those videos were some of the first that I published. I have no ways of preserving comments to those videos.
Have fun and happy twisting :)