Thursday, December 20, 2012


The last three weeks I was busy updating design of all my published blog post. I changed background color on the blog posts, fixed some minor errors. And most importantly, I added timer to each instruction. You can find the timer at the end (bottom line of the post) of each instruction. I wrote it using HTML and JavaScript. The stand alone timer is published here. The code of the timer is available here (as every thing that I publish it goes under public domain dedication license, so you can use/ post it on your webpages without any limitations). The timer starts automatically once the page is fully loaded. The timer should work in any modern browsers supporting JavaScript.

I think that timer on webpages is important for number of reasons. It gives you idea on how much time you spend on each particular web page. You can use it to estimate how much time it takes for you to make the balloon sculpture. Also, just seen the timer (or any clock for this point) helps people get back to reality (for this reason you may not find any clocks or even windows in most casinos-they want you to stay in!). Internet is a wonderful and very powerful tool in your hands. Use it to make your world better-get back to reality! Have fun and happy twisting :)

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