Thursday, September 20, 2012

One Dream Coin New Design

I came up with slightly alerted design of the One Dream Coin. In this edition I use less granulation on pictures and most importantly the heart shape filled with light blue color that I use as a background for all balloon twisting instructional pictures :) The heart shape can be used for personalization of the coin. It makes it easier for users to add (write) notes, pictures and etc associated with the accomplishment.
To make it easier for you to edit the design of the One Dream Coin, I attached the GIMP file of the coin to One Dream Coin webpage. You can click here to download the .xcf file
I posted under each picture direct link to the online source of the picture (on my picasa).
Pictures with transparent background in gif format:

Picture that you see above, with transparent background:

Small size pictures in gif format with transparent background:

Pictures in jpeg format:

Have fun and happy twisting :)