Saturday, October 22, 2011


There is one sure way to avoid mistakes: do nothing. Doing nothing itself is also a mistake. Well, I do many things. Therefore I also make many mistakes. I learn from my mistakes to do better.

Creative Commons License
As of October 2011 all works (in all media formats) by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

By releasing all our works under this license, we mean to secure your (user of our works) rights to do what we believe is right: copy, edit, share, sell, give away, make yourself happy, and make other people happy.

We believe that the copyright law is confusing and contradicts itself. Thankfully there are also creative commons and public domains.
We believe that creative commons licensing provides more freedoms to all users than any copyright licenses previously used by the FewDoIt project. Therefore, this license is effective for each and every work published under the FewDoIt project, in any media format, including all works published before October 2011. With understanding that it is time consuming and often technically impossible to change (or remove) all other copyright signs from previously published works, we ask all users to disregard all other copyright signs.

The copyright does not protect ideas or designs. I want to reassure you that I personally have never claimed rights on an idea or a design of any work or any part of a work created under the FewDoIt project.

Knowledge does not come from a vacuum. It comes from everything that our universe consists of. I live in the world, I learn from the world. My works are inspired and derived from it. Only a vacuum derived from a vacuum. We do not live in a vacuum. You are as much part of this world as I am. We learn from each other. Thank you.

My view on copyrights matter:
The copyright laws introduced back in the 16th century were supposed to help progress by protecting author’s rights. It gives the authors the privilege to decide how the rest of us should use their work. By the copyright law NOTHING can be derived from copyrighted works without the publisher’s permission. Even Bubble (among all books that teach to share) is copyrighted-meaning that our rights to use it are restricted by the publisher from any un-authorized use, including sharing…really? The copyright law makes it free to learn from the copyrighted work but one needs permission of the publisher to use the knowledge. Everything, every movie, every schoolbook, every web page is copyrighted. IT is not just some one’s work that is subject to copyrights. Look for the copyright sign at the bottom of your facebook, or your Google +, or your twitter and etc account. It is your account, your photos, your videos and your comments branded with a copyright sign.
Copyrighting creates monopoly on knowledge. How does it help people? It helps publishers to sell more copies. It also helps our governments to control access to knowledge (info). It slows the progress.
The copyright laws pretty much describe the ways we think and the ways we live. We say to our little kids fighting over a toy on a playground “WE HAVE TO SHARE”. We also say (less and less often though) that “WE ALL HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS”.
Do we?

The copyright terms create a difference between what users can do with the copyrighted work. As of today, it seems to me that the creative commons licensing is the most liberal to the users. I did not delve deep into the public domain, yet. My main concern is to provide as much access, to do whatever with my works (instructions), as possible for the end users. Full access also includes commercial activity-for people who want to make money.

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